Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Mtn New Data Deal : Get 500MB with Just N25 to Browse and download in the Night

Mtn are truely Desperate nowadays and it really getting out of hand with this their Data plans and they are the best for now.

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Few weeks ago, MTN dropped varieties of codes for new data plans they just introduced which make everybody thrill that the giant network provider is back to the competition, we have saw the likes of network provider such has Airtel and Glo having cheap Data.
Now its MTN turn, has they introduced #25 for 500mb via midnight has part of there cheap
Data plan they introduced which is timed to start from 12am to 4am each night.


1. Recharge your line
2. Text Night to 131
3. You will receive a message that your midnight plan has been activated

4. Now start blazing from 12am to 4am
5. NOTE__It is 500mb capped.

After finishing your first 500MB you can still do Another one.


  1. The fact that this is legal is mind blowing but I really wanna know if the speed is just the same, no speed throttle attached

  2. pete. the speed is awesome upto 3MB/S, no throttled Speed at all... give it a try

  3. Sure thing..thanks for sharing this

  4. Did this today and yeah it's fine, it's capped and fast but there's something you didn't tell us about.. how to opt out and opt in again, only got a chance to do it once and turns out it ain't actually 500mb capped..close to 700mb or 700mb, I used it all and couldn't doing it again. Well it worked but pls if there's a way to do it again, I'd really like to know. Thank you once more

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