Monday, 27 June 2016

How to use GLO Android data plans on your Blackberry BB10 Devices

it obvious that the blackberry users in the house aint enjoying what we the android users are enjoying, when it comes to free tweaks android phones is considered the first, but today with this little trick i think you might be able to enjoy little of what android users are enjoyijng.

we are all aware that GLO recently unleashed an unbeatable data plans for the android users see data plans here. although the Blackberry 10 users cant enjoy it, but with this you can enjoy it very well.
yes,Etisalat BIS is currently working for android users via Psiphon, but it time for BLACKberry users to also enjoy what meant for android users.

How To Use Glo Android Data Plans On BB10 Devices

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap Networks and Connections
3. Select Mobile Network.
4. Tap on APN (the lower part of the screen)
5. Change the Access Point Name(APN) to gloflat
6. Change User name & Password to flat
7. Click on Save
You are done.

thats all...

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