Monday, 12 June 2017

You Can Now Download 2go chat Messenger App On iPhone

2go mobile Messenger is one app that rose to fame within a short pace of time and sorta died a natural death within a short pace of time.

2go has been around for a long time now. Am talking as far back as 2010 (If not earlier). At the time, the app was available on every mobile OS platform except for iPhone.

At the time, i shared series of information about the mobile app. I even talked on how to get on your phone. However, iPhone users where still excluded.

As you probably know, downloading apps on iPhone from an external source is currently not attainable (officially). Hence, iPhone users got shut out of the 2go world.

While playing through my phone (I clearly can’t remember what i was doing at the time), I figured the 2go Messenger app was now officially available on the App Store.

I have no idea how long it’s been there. However, looking at the app ratings on the app store, the app currently has about 6 ratings. If the ratings is anything to go by, it seems the app became available on iPhone sometime in February, 2017.

Download 2go Chat Messenger On iPhone, Officially

If you use an iPhone and still feel inclined to have the 2go chat Messenger App on your iPhone, you can download it 

For old time sake, I decided to try out the app and thankfully, I could still very much remember the phone number and password used in registering.

Upon launching the app, you are greeted with the same first interface as seen on Android n Blackberry. You are thereafter, required to select your country. The country is automatically prepopulated as per your ISP’s location (I think). Thereafter, you are required to enter your phone number.

If the phone number is already registered on 2go database, you will be required to enter your password. Otherwise, you’d have to register as a new user.

After crossing sign up / log in page, you find the rooms, chats and friends. By default, the chat tap should be empty. This is because you just installed the app. Subsequent chats you engage in should show up in that tab.

The Rooms section shouldn’t be new. The group section seem to have more groups being added. You still have the favorites, Advice, Ages, Entertainment, Faith, Flirt, Football, hangouts and more.

The friends tab typically displays the option to Add friends, Friend Requests and existing friends.

You can add friends via your Address book, mobile number, username or meet someone. The meet someone option typically directs you to the group tab.

I decided to try out the group section to see if it’s still boring as it was the last time i tried (which frankly, i can’t remember when). And I wasn’t disappointed. Although there were groups that had over 30 persons in it (according to the statistics), it didn’t seem as though the group was busy. Well, maybe it was. Maybe I wasn’t too patient to realize.

Will I be Keeping the 2go Chat Messenger App on My Phone?

Frankly, No. We currently have a number of interesting other social networking apps. 2go seem to have lost it’s touch. The team behind the service has got a lot of work to do in other to revive the app to it’s former glory. Or, what do you think?

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